Session Description: The Riley Case – Part 1: Diamonds in the Rough

Business owners are diamonds in the rough. In this session we will compare and contrast the Rileys with two polished diamonds. Sydney, our first diamond, is an 80 year old single donor, committed to your organization and capable of a planned gift of $100,000 or more. Chris Tall, our second diamond, is a 48 year old committed board member, with high income and liquid assets, who is evolving into a strategic philanthropist, capable of giving $5 million or more. The Rileys, age 70, are diamonds in the rough. They have never given more than $5,000 to any organization but are capable of giving $5 million during their life and more at death, once their company sells. How will working with the Rileys be different?

CFRE: Approved for 1 point
CAP: Approved for 1 PACE credit
CFP: Approved for 1 hour